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Instant Health Insurance

To help avoid you and your family being left without health insurance after the lost of a job, opt for getting COBRA -- that’s if your employer offers it. This is a short term policy that begins instantly. This may be a great option for you because it covers you all the while you are looking for a permanent health insurance policy. Those who are having their hours cut down from full-time to part-time can also seek refuge in a health insurance policy like COBRA that will offer temporary coverage continuation until you find another policy.

Accidental health insurance is another form of instant health insurance you can go with. It offers coverage 7 days a week and 24 hours a day no matter where in the world you are. If you travel often, it is a great idea to have coverage such as this. It gives you the following benefits:

  • Coverage for worldwide air ambulance transports
  • Coverage for medical treatment costs due to an accidental injury
  • Your own selection of hospital and physician
  • Benefits that are paid to you directly
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Many insurance companies that offer accidental health insurance give their policies to those who are between 0 and 69 years of age. There is usually no requirement for health screenings or lab tests -- especially since the coverage is for accidents, not pre-existing or sudden illnesses.

You can also get instant health insurance with a discount card that is available with many health insurance companies. This will give you discounted rates for doctor visits and prescription drugs. The discount cards aren’t taken everywhere, so make sure you choose a physician and hospital that does take discount cards.

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